A constant headache for more than few months and tingling in my arms and legs?
2013-04-30 15:16:32 UTC
1)I have been having headaches for more than few months. The headaches are always on my left side of the head and i feel tingling and weakness in my arms and sometimes in my legs. I've been to the nhs twice and they gave me some medications but it did not help. They gave me some high blood pressure medicines and did not really work..What is this kind of headache called? Is it related to the nerve systems?

2)I am also planning to do a private MRI scan in a private hospital to check my head since the NHS turned down on it. If i get a private health insurance, will the cost of the scan be covered?by how much? Im very new at health insurance stuff..
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2013-05-01 07:55:45 UTC
Private medical Insurance will cover the cost of the M.R.I. Scan however I would get the scan taken through your spine as this sound very much like a trapped nerve in your Spine.

Their is 2-main nerves in your body that pass through the inside of your spine, along with tendon tissues & Disk's, which hold the spinal column bones together.

They need to be movable & are Like Silicone Implants, which they put into Females Bust’s to make them look bigger.

However these can without any Large movement move or split slightly which can trap a nerve & create so many problems that only people such myself (read my Profile) understand how important the spine is to every single thing in your body I will explain in a simple way what goes through your spine.

Imagine you hit your finger with a hammer; this sends a message through one of your main Spinal nerves then signals to tell your brain to shout ouch!

This is how the human body functions in every way, and how important your spine is! For instance, your Lumber region has 5-disks; I unfortunately crushed the lot, not my fault! See my own profile to understand, because no ordinary X-Ray can show what problems arise.

Which means there are only a few places able to perform this method, or have the equipment to do so & the proper Professors or Specialist's, that are capable of dealing with Spinal Damage & the Spinal Column please take a look at: Type in: “Human spine”

This shows how sensitive the Spine is, it’s hard to see what is wrong & understand.

However like everything else time's move on but the fact's are in our world of hurry, creates more strain on our spines, but we do not understand until something goes wrong & then it's A very specialist Subject & hard to find the right place & people who know enough to help.

I often recommend a Registered Chiropractic IE: Check the UK Statutory Register of GCC Regulated Chiropractors, who can sometimes help or an Osteopath on the N.H.S. especially when you have a trapped nerve, Although for GCC Regulated Chiropractors: you may have to pay for this, But You Cannot Buy Health.

The N.H.S. are running trials in several areas at the moment with these qualified people, as they can give massage treatment and identify, even sometimes mange to Release pinched nerves, having had such treatment prior to my accident, I know they can normally give you a good diagnoses & tell you what is wrong or even cure or help the problem.

Pursue your Doctor for a referral to the nearest Orthopaedic Tests Hospital, to get the proper treatment & these include a Special X-Ray Called A Myelogram to see:, or M.R.I. Scan.

Bad back problems do not show up, without these tools to show the Full Damage.

Truly, there is nothing worse than damaged Spine Pain, I know that & still live with it daily even now, & you have my sympathy.

Whatever is damaged may be helped by Chiropractor massage, or the nerve slipped into the normal position before you develop problems, tell your Doctor about what you have seen & heard from others who suffered spinal injuries & get them to understand, that minor pain killers, Do not stop or improve the Problem / Condition.

Between these bones are Disk’s, consisting of floating material Like Silicone Implants held into place between each bone, & this is the Human Spine.

Look how easy anyone can pinch a nerve, which creates pain or spasms caused by stress alone, an Example especially in the higher parts of the spine neck shoulders.

These can without any large movement, move or split slightly & can trap a nerve, to create so many problems that only people such myself, (Read my Profile) to understand how Important the spine is, Every Thing in your body I sleep with a board under my mattress this helps & Best Wishes, Nothing compares with Spine Pain Damage. Best Wishes.
2016-03-13 17:46:58 UTC
Headaches could mean things like lack of sleep or stress. It could be cluster, migraines, or just tension headaches. Usually these headaches show symptoms of headaches, sensitivity to light, and nausea. However, you should immediately see a doctor, because it doesn't seem right to feel dizzy and have mood swings. Or think about having a cat scan or an mri. these tests can detect what's going on in your brain. Good luck!
2016-05-16 19:21:18 UTC
Take care of your feet, especially if you have diabetes. Check daily for blisters, cuts or calluses. Wear soft, loose cotton socks and padded shoes. You can use a semicircular hoop, which is available in medical supply stores, to keep bedcovers off hot or sensitive feet.
2013-04-30 15:19:29 UTC
Talk to a doctor immediately as symptoms such as that I think are related to your vein in your head bursting.

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